The Footsteps Team is derived from the hope of building a better future for this and later generations in every part of the world. Our principles are based on the need to share the history and educate students of all ages on the horrors of the Holocaust, not only to remember and respect the victims, but to keep the voices of the silenced alive.


Their stories in the hearts and minds of present and future generations are the key to a better future for all mankind. Footsteps does not only focus on the Holocaust, but rather we work to expose the rise or hate within our communities and in every country. We expose and challenge hate and intolerance, racism, homophobia, sexism and basic human rights to help build a better future by learning from the past and educating our present.

In partnership and cooporation with

"Story of God" 

with Morgan Freeman

A National Geographic series @ Netflix 


Thanks to the Morgan Freeman Team for the opportunity to present our attitude and work at the "Story of God" ... It was an incredible experience to be able to accompany this episode together with Tomas. You can see this episode in season 3 "Story of God, with Morgan Freeman". 


"Tomas Kraus' father was one of the weird survivors of Auschwitz, and Rainer Höss's grandfather was the commander of the concentration and extermination camp. These two men came together to discuss how to forgive the sins of the past and move forward. A remarkable moment "- Lori McCreary.


Source: "filming for National Geographic's series" The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. "