Upcoming conferences 

In this section we would like to advise you of events to which Footsteps has been invited or that we will be participating in. These will be national and international events.

NYPD and The global cyber Alliance in New York

March 23th - 25th Manhattan

This is a milestone in our work at Footsteps to be invited to such an important international conference by the NYPD and The global cyber alliance in New York.
Theme: "Protecting ourselfs,Our Departments and Our Communities".

Active against extremism and terrorism in cooperation with so many states and countries (France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Canada and a few from the Middle East) and the point is to share best practices from top experts in their field in the cyber and counterterrorism arenas. This also includes trends we are seeing and anything that is of importance to keeping our communities safe. There are talks happening on the mainstage which will be in front of the whole audience and then workshops where participants can chose which subjects they are interested in

The Marchivum Mannheim

February  6th-9th , Mannheim- Germany

++ Special event in Mannheim, organized by The Marchivum Mannheim Prof. Ulrich Nieß, Karen Strobel, Gerald Sander, Rainer Höß
When and where:
From 6.1.-9.1.2020 in Mannheim and surroundings...
Thanks to the initiative " Weinheim remains colorful!! The Award-winning documentary " Grandson " by Filmmaker Aleksandar Reljić is also shown as Germany premiere!!
"Grandson" - a movie by #Aleksandarreljić

Sun, 9.2., 12 pm | Cinema Modern Theatre, main street 61, 69469 Weinheim | Entrance: 7,50 €
History Lab #1 | the grandson of an Auschwitz Commander was symbolically adopted by a holocaust survivor on the grounds of Auschwitz in 2014 A moving film about two people who could not be more different. And an inspiration that even after the holocaust it is possible to conduct a dialogue. Because you are not born as a victim or perpetrator, but as a human being!
Running time: 82 min | Original English version, Germany premiere | following the film discussion with Rainer Höß and Gerald Sander | in cooperation with "Weinheim stays colorful"
75 years after - exhibition on grandchildren in dialogue

Fri, 7.2., 16-21.30 PM | Marchivum (1. Nd Floor)
Historylab #1 | with multimedia presentations, unpublished footage from the lives of the families of rudolf höß and Sophie stippel is being put into a dialogue.
Letters From Auschwitz: "now it's spring again, everything blooms outside in the most beautiful glory" - a scenic reading

Sat 8.2., 18 pm | Marchivum, Friedrich-Walter-Saal (6. Nd Floor)
Historylab #1 | letters and self-testimonies of Sophie stippel and her family are made public in the mirror of events and statements from mannheim and Auschwitz area.

Holocaust education week in Toronto 

Sunday, November 3 until Sunday, November 10

Footsteps will be present at the Holocaust education week in Toronto. Nov 3-10, 2019.

The Holocaust and Now, appear to have been “torn from the headlines.” With so much social, cultural and political turmoil occurring globally, we find ourselves discussing the relationship between the Holocaust and what is happening around us today.
It is both timely and necessary for HEW to address our current zeitgeist–the rise of global antisemitism, denial, hate crimes, both online and in our own neighbourhoods, a reckoning with difficult aspects of our Canadian past; and conversely, an examination of how the legacy of the Holocaust has inspired positivity, action and change. Through panels, conversations, films, musical performances, theatre and exhibitions–HEW 2019 offers different ways for existing and new audiences to engage with the narratives of the Holocaust.
HEW 2019 continues to offer first-person testimony in the classroom and in specially designed programs for students across the GTA. Additionally, our professional development workshop for teachers and high school symposium ensure the next generation is meaningfully learning about the Holocaust through best practices, newly designed Neuberger resources, and engagement with survivor testimony and artefact study.  Rainer Hoss will be one of the main speakers during this event. 


Tedx Montenegro 

4th - 7th of October 2019, Montenegro 

TEDx is a global platform which has been promoting “Ideas Worth Spreading” for more than three decades. Governed by that motto, TED aims to gather inspirational thinkers and activists, who would motivate the people to abandon narrow ways of thinking and improve the society. Notable speakers include Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Jamie Oliver, Sir Ken Robinson and many more that have spoken at one of around 20.000 yearly TED events across the globe.

Our dedicated team of 7 young people successfully organized the first TEDx event in Budva in April 2018. In the pearl of Monetengrin coast, we hosted the set of amazing speakers, including "Forbes 30 under 30" member - Marek Kubik. You can find more info about TEDx Budva here: http://www.tedxbudva.me/

Shortly after the event, all the talks from TEDxBudva were uploaded on the “TEDx Talks” YouTube channel, so you can find it there. You can also take a look at the aftermovie of TEDxBudva here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h3PGGHMp8yaWkLAQtQ_v5dd1IYVr0eTa/view?usp=sharing

TEDxKotor is organized by the same team behind TEDxBudva and it is planned for 16th of March in the wonderful town of Kotor, Montenegro. The slogan of the event is Flickering minds and we're bringing experts, activists, innovators and artists to promote Ideas Worth Sharing but also empower the local community. - Source: TEDx.


In October Rainer Höss will be speaking about Footsteps, learning from the past and tell something about his own family history. 

Salon du livere 

13,14, and 16th of June 2019, Paris. 

An open-air bookshop for 3 days with readings, theatrical performances, numerous meetings and a virtual walk in the Paris of 1941...
For the third edition of its Book Fair, the Shoah Memorial is hosting three days of activities for writers, researchers, actors and musicians around recent publications that highlight the different forms of memory transmission.
Once again, witnesses are central: stories of life or survival, essays and literary works, but also poetry as resistance and overcoming disaster. The new technologies are also put at the service of memory and the duty of transmission, questioned in a play and implemented during a virtual 3D walk, which plunges the spectator into occupied Paris.

Programme ( short version) 

- Theatrical performance

After oblivion. This piece was born from the meeting between Frederika Amalia Finkelstein and Julie Benegmos who question the  duty of memory in the age of new technologies. Combining intimate narrative and fiction, the two artists bring out the character of Lia, who navigates between adolescence and adulthood, sometimes naive and candid, sometimes deep and bitter. Lia helps us to question the relationship between individual and collective memory, leads the viewer in his quest and invites him to a liberating game. 
- Meeting with Bruno Doucey, author and publisher, who, in his editions, defends the poems of the world. In the context of the Shoah, it is both an expression of resistance and a bearer of hope, the hand that prevents the stars from falling. Haunted by a poem written by Jewish resistance fighter Marianne Cohn before she died, found in the pocket of a little Jewish boy she saved.

- Literary readings

- Meeting with Alain de Toledo, president of the association Muestros Dezaparesidos, Henriette Asséo, historian and one of the authors of the book, Sabi Soulam, resistance fighter and one of the authors of the book, Haïm Vidal Sephiha, deportee, professor of Judeo-Spanish, Victor Pérahia, deportee, author, and Claudine Naar-Cohen, hidden child and former director of the CDJC.
This meeting is organized on the occasion of the publication of the Memorial of the Judeo-Spanish Deported from France, ed. Muestros Dezaparecidos, 2019, with the support of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah, by the association Muestros Dezaparesidos.
Followed by a reading of poems by Marcel Cohen, Jeanine Bary and Haïm Vidal Sephiha.
- Meeting with Ben Lesser and Rainer Höss, around the publication of Le Sens d'une vie, du cauchemar nazi au rêve américain de Ben Lesser, translated from English (United States) by Blandine Longre, ed. Night Notes, series "Le passé immédiat", 2019 and L'Héritage du commandant, Rainer Höss, translated from German by Elisabeth Willenz, ed. Night Notes, series "Le passé immédiat", 2017.
Hosted by Christilla Pellé-Douel, journalist.
- Meeting with the authors Mireille Provansal, Odile Suhganas, and David Papo, son of Isaac Papo, on the subject of Du ghetto au Maquis by Mireille Provansal, ed. Ovadia, coll. "History and destiny", 2018; Saga of a Jewish family from the Court of Catherine II to present-day France by Odile Suhganas, éd Jourdan, 2018 and A Judeo-Spanish Odyssey by Isaac Papo, éd Lior 2019.
Moderated by Michèle Tauber, lecturer in modern and contemporary Hebrew language and literature, University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle.
- Meeting with Janine Altounian, on the occasion of the publication of L'Effacement des lieux, autobiography of an analyst, heiress of survivors and translator of Freud, PUF, 2019.
Moderated by Christian Delage, historian and director.
- Meeting with Jessie Magana and Magali Attiogbé, around the youth album Rue des Quatre-Vents, Au fil des migrations, Les éditions des éléphants, 2018.
Moderated by Adeline Salmon, head of activities for young audiences at the Shoah Memorial
- Meeting with Philippe Zard and Anny Dayan Rosenman, distinguished lecturer in literature, on the occasion of the publication of Solal et les Solal: Solal - Mangeclous - Les Valeureux - Belle du Seigneur by Albert Cohen, presented and annotated by Philippe Zard. ed. Gallimard, 2018.
- Meeting with Léa Veinstein, around the publication of Isaac, Grasset, 2019, moderated by Judith Lyon-Caen, Director of Studies, EHESS.

- Testimony

Meeting with Élie Buzyn on the occasion of the publication of Ce que je voudrais transmettre. Letter to the younger generations ed. alisio, 2019.

The Recipes of Mina, Terezin 1944 by Anne Georget
(France, documentary, 47 mn, Quark Productions, 2007, with the support of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah)
As part of the Festival of Jewish Cultures.

-Virtual walk on site
With Hervé Deguine, author of the book Rue des Immeubles-Industriels Une rue de Paris en guerre (1939-1945), Ed Bonaventure 2018 and Sarah Gensburger, co-founder with Jean Durel of the project Les Parisiens raconvent la Shoah, produced by the Narrative company and the Faire-Savoirs association
The rue des Immeubles Industriels, in the 11th arrondissement, was the witness of many destinies of Parisian Jews, between persecution and solidarity. In particular, Marcel Rajman, a member of the FPT MOI, one of the figures of the "Red Poster", shot at Mont Valérien, lived there. This original meeting offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of this artery, between 1939 and 1945, by listening to an immersive 3D sound podcast, which allows them to follow the roundup of August 20, 1941, at building level.


Human right film festival 2018

December 10th-15th

We are invited to present our "grandson" film at the "FAST FORWARD Human Rights Film Festival 2018" in Montenegro. A film by Aleksandar Reljic. 

Film première: Enkel

May 10th

Premiere in Novi Sad-Serbia

After the great success of "Grandson", at the 65th film festival in Belgrade, the Serbian director and filmmaker Aleksandar Reljic in collaboration with RTV Novi Sad invited now Rainer Höß, grandson of the Auschwitz commander and protagonist in the film to the Premiere in the filmmaker's hometown Novi Sad. The interest was Hugh when the information about his arrival went public. Aleksandar Reljic said that it was and is a big concern for him personally to continue to actively support the message of Rainer Höß and the entire Footsteps team.
Seats in the Arena Cineplex are limited; therefore we recommend to arrive soon and to reserve seats if necessary.

The premiere of „Grandson" with subsequent press conference will take place on Thursday 10 May 2018 at 8 pm in the Cineplex Arena in Novi Sad-Serbia.

Conference Serémange-Erzange 

April 4th

Conference meurthe-et-moselle / France

April 5th

Conference in Greece 

February 4th

Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 in Thessaloniki to commemorate the deported Jews in the time of the Nazi socialism from 1933-1945. Footsteps was invited to take part in this event to participate with a speech on the commemorative day as well as in the wreath-laying ceremony for the murdered. His Excellency the President of Greece Prof. Prokopis PAVLOPOULOS wants to be present as well.

Ben Lesser in Germany

January 27th