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Excellent passage from a well researched and well written academic paper. It is recommended that the paper be read in its entirety:
'As for scholars who pontificate or obsessively disqualify any event of mass murder from the definition of genocide, while I respect any intellectual differences, I protest their right to disqualify and dishonor peoples of other ethnicities. I would say that to rank genocides in importance is, symbolically, an echo of other despicable rankings of peoples from superior to inferior, from chosen peoples to rejected peoples; and that such hierarchical classifications continue, even if unknowingly, the very underlying illness of our human species of denying that we are intrinsically all one and the same in the face of the perplexity and unfathomable nature of our species’ place in the mystery of cosmic interplanetary and intergalactic reality. The burnt offerings of any one people by another to the evil gods of genocide cannot be ranked in relative importance, even as at any given time a particular event, such as the Holocaust, so violates human sensibility that it becomes defined as an archetypal milestone of the sacrificing of human life.'
Israel W. Charny, A Classification of Denials of the Holocaust and other Genocides, Journal of Genocide Research, 5 (1) (2003), p. 29

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