German railways consider naming train to Anne Frank

The German railways consider naming one of the new high-speed trains to Anne Frank. Deutsche Bahn organized an action that attracted the public from the 25 first new trains, and Anne Frank is one of the named names approved by the jury.
The jury says that Anne Frank has been proposed because it stands for tolerance and peaceful co-existence with other cultures, but in Germany, this criticism is also critical. The Jewish girl was taken by train to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944, where she died a few months later.
Some therefore find it inappropriate that the German railways, legally speaking, the successor to the company that performed the deportations of Jews during World War II would just choose the name Anne Frank.
Last month, people were called to make suggestions. That call included more than 19,000 proposals and 2500 unique ideas, from which the jury has chosen 25 names. In addition to Anne Frank, well-known Germans are called Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Ludwig van Beethoven and Karl Marx.

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