Holocaust Remembrance day in Germany

Over the past few days the Footsteps team, some of our close friends, associated groups, and The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation have been honoured to spend time together. We have attended events to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, have been involved in educational programmes, and have worked together to consider future projects.
There has been a delicious irony that these activities have taken place in the Black Forest region of Bavaria - an area much favoured by Hitler, and a part of Germany in which Naziism was nurtured and flourished. It has been particularly wonderful to see the young people of German communities listen with keen enthusiasm as they were privileged to hear the accounts of Ben Lesser - our dear friend and a survivor of the Holocaust. Germany is a beautiful country. Its people are enormously friendly, welcoming, warm, educated, cultured, humorous, generous, and kind. They know too well the legacy of the Holocaust and the horrors that were done in the name of German nationalism. When Ben Lesser spoke to packed halls you could have heard a pin drop. When he finished there were queues of teenagers desperate to meet him, to speak to him, and to be photographed with him. The love that Ben generated was palpable. Six million Jews died due to the hate of Naziism. Other people were also murdered because of the same intolerant contempt for humanity. Lost lives and the suffering can never be compensated for, but the enthusiasm of young Germans to learn and carry forward a message of tolerance is proof - if ever it is needed - that Hitler and the Nazis failed.

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