Debora Borgese about Footsteps and family

Short biography of Debora Borgese, Catania (Sicily).

Artist, radio broadcaster, and blogger for journalistic information.

She is a political activist who fights hard against injustice, the mafia, corruption, discrimination, and for human rights. For years Debora has been at the forefront for national recognition of fibromyalgia in chronic and debilitating diseases, and the opening of the Catania Proton Therapy Centre for cancer patients in the Mediterranean region.

Her numerous activities include the defence of cultural and artistic heritage, such as the protection and enhancement of Via Crociferi (Unesco World Heritage Centre) and the Roman subterranean amphitheater on Catania's Piazza Stresicoro, which is second only to the Colosseum.


The manifestations of violence by extremist political groups – which includes the worst national news sites and the protagonists of violent campaigns, racism and discrimination on the Internet – will not deter people of good will from being at the forefront of defending the weakest in order not to forget the memories of the past. So, I introduce Footsteps – an international group dedicated to fighting hatred, intolerance, racism, homophobia, sexism, and defending human rights in order to build a better future. Learning from the past to educate our present.
I was very proud to learn that my cousin Giuseppe is the Italian representative in Germany for this group; and no better choice could be made. As a homosexual, he knows what it means to suffer discrimination and hostility in his social and professional life. Dedicated to caring for AIDS patients with the aim of solving the problems of social exclusion, he and the Footsteps Team today fight against persecution, discrimination, exclusion, and remembering the murders of homosexuals during the Holocaust.
To stand on the side of the weakest and suffering ones is in our DNA.
Honey, I’m proud of you.


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