Lecture Wildberg, bildungszentrum

Lecture Wildberg, Educational Center
Published at March 28, 2018 at 8:41 AM
22 March 2018, Wildberg


Frau Utz, history teacher, attended the conference in Bad Liebenzell for the “80 years pogrom night”(Night of broken Glass) where she met Rainer Höß and invited him to give a lecture at her school on 20th March. At the educational centre in Wildberg (Blackforest) seventy pupils came with the history and religion teachers. They followed with concentration and were also visibly deeply moved by the PowerPoint presentation about Rudolf Höß – grandfather of Rainer – and the former commandant of the concentration and extermination camp at Auschwitz. They heard information about the Jewish transports and how the family of Rainer’s grandfather lived directly next to the concentration camp. They heard about the inhuman behavior of Rudolf Höß and how he totally complied with the rules and commands of Eichmann. The way that Rudolf Höß gave up his own humanity shocked the students, because he lost the capacity for his own moral judgments and instead, he uncritically absorbed the ideological imprinting of the time.

Further Rainer Höß explained the development of National Socialism out of the Artaman Union, which abused the spiritual ideal of Germanic culture. Also he spoke about Josef Mengele who conducted experiments with human beings , for example with twins.
Rainer Hass called on the young people in the hall to have always an own vote and never be only the echo of authorities.
The students than had the possibility for questions . Here some examples:
„ Do visited the house of your grandparents?“ „ Did you grew up more worse though your grandfather?“ „Did you had still contact to your family?“
„What about your grandmother?“ „Why no one cleaned up the bones in wood of Auschwitz“ „Why was the grandfather so as he was?“
„How could they live as normal beside Auschwitz?“ And so on.
At the end Rainer Höß was reading the eight chapter out of his book „Das Erbe des Kommandanten“.
After he spoke directly to the young people - that they should go for three or four days to a visit to Auschwitz or an other KZ with their teachers.
And he said: „ You are the future for Germany. If there is missing this field of experience out of German History, how do you will recognize that something like that is again preparing itself?“
Thankful closed Frau Ute the presentation and the students went silent to their classrooms.


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