World Premiere: Enkel


A new Film by Director Aleksandar Reljić

An Auschwitz commander's grandson, was symbolically adopted by a Holocaust survivor in 2014 on the grounds of Auschwitz. A moving film about two people as different as they could not be. But also a inspiration that it is possible to lead a dialogue and create a change in our society after the Holocaust. You're not born as a victim or a perpetrator, you're born as a human being!

Produced by: RTV-Radio Television of Vojvodina

Film Crew:
o Vanja Kranjac - Executive producer
o Milica Stojanov - Art director
o Viktor Prell - Cameraman
o Goran Velemir - Cameraman
o Uroš Jandrić - Editor
o Milan Kerezović Keckec
o MIhajlo Obrenov- Music composer
o Slobodan Bajić - Music composer
o Damir Paluška -Sound designer
o Ivan Živković -Sound engineer
o Pavel Gaža -Light designer & line producer
o Danijel Čičić - Production assistant

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