French edition of Das Erbe des Kommantanten


Notes de Nuit, text for Footsteps.

The French edition of Das Erbe des Kommandanten happened both by chance and thanks to the intuition of Fabian Gastellier, the lady who founded Notes de Nuit, her publishing house in 2009. In Autumn 2015, Fabian accidentally discovered Rainer and his combat in a program shown on French television. She was so impressed that she immediately decided to contact him via Facebook hoping to have an exchange with him. Rainer, whose book was published in Germany in 2013, noticed she was a publisher and proposed to send her a copy within 48 hours. Once read, a deal was readily made and L’Héritage du commandant came out in November 2016 in the collection “Le passé immédiat” (The Close Past).

This collection also includes several books related to the Holocaust: Fuir (Escape) by Klara Kiss, Journal du camp de Westerbork (In Depot, A diary of the Westerbork transit camp, The Netherlands) by Philip Mechanicus, Journal du camp de Vught by Klaartje de Zwarte-Walvisch (A Diary of the Vught transit camp, The Netherlands) and Survivre un jour de plus (Surviving the Angel of Death) by Eva Mozes Kor and Lisa Rojany.

During one of his trips to Paris, Rainer introduced Ben Lesser and his extraordinary odyssey in life to the team of Notes de Nuit who decided that his Memoirs Living a Life that Matters should be part of the collection. The book is due to come out in 2019.

Notes de Nuit works on supporting Rainer Höss’s tireless fight against hate and intolerance and allows him to bear witness of his personal experience as he does so eagerly all around the world.


Legend & photo credit:
Rainer Höss with the team at Gallery Notes de Nuit, Paris, France, January 2017.
© Gaël Bordet/NdN

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