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Marco De Francesco
Artist & Designer

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I was wondering about the relation/perception about these events to people who are 16-18 years old.
The II World War (1939-1945) is now 73 years ago... it is maybe already very old for them to understand that in our modern Times !!! To explain to them history, that your history is necessary and great but that will take sense for them only if it is connected to the present and the future as you did in your lectures.
Maybe it would be even more important to explain what was the perception of other poeple to help and support the nazis to exterminate jews, gypsies, homosexual,etc...! What was the ideology, what was non-alterity... and to make like that some kind of connections to what is a foreigner now in europe or in the world today.
As you see I think that we have many intersts in common and thanks a lot for what you do every day with you FOOTSTEPS team.
Since I made the little image I gave you, I also know that I will take part to that kind of transmission of knowledges.

Well all of these things are stuff that I try to develop in my own Artwork, I have to admit that you have the perfect position to be that connection between the worst in the human history and its future.

Sincerly yours
Marco De Francesco

copyright: Zara' pyjama (2014) by Marco De Francesco
"My work is about territories, alterity, migrations, place of human people on that earth..."

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