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Premiere in Novi Sad-Serbia

After the great success of "Grandson", at the 65th film festival in Belgrade, the Serbian director and filmmaker Aleksandar Reljic in collaboration with RTV Novi Sad invited now Rainer Höß, grandson of the Auschwitz commander and protagonist in the film to the Premiere in the filmmaker's hometown Novi Sad. The interest was Hugh when the information about his arrival went public. Aleksandar Reljic said that it was and is a big concern for him personally to continue to actively support the message of Rainer Höß and the entire Footsteps team.
Seats in the Arena Cineplex are limited; therefore we recommend to arrive soon and to reserve seats if necessary.

The premiere of „Grandson" with subsequent press conference will take place on Thursday 10 May 2018 at 8 pm in the Cineplex Arena in Novi Sad-Serbia.

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