Addendum to the commemorative plaque unveiling on April 23, 2018 in Neuweiler

Yesterday evening we were at the memorial plaque unveiling in Neuweiler-Black Forrest, Calw Region-South Germany. The first memorial plaque in the whole Calw region, by the way.
Ernest Kolman (*1926) experienced the years before and during the third Reich himself. As a child he often visited his uncle Dr. Eugen Marx in Neuweiler, together with his sister Margit and the nanny Anna. In 1939, aged 12, he was brought to safety alone with a child transport to England. He now lives near london and has been an honorary citizen of his home town Wesel on the Lower Rhine region since 2016. Since 1988 Ernest Kolmanal's contemporary witnesses have been committed to understanding, reconciliation and memory. At the end of September 2016 he came to Calw County for a week of commemoration with witness talks and lectures. This was the first time that the fate of the family of the Jewish doctor Dr. Eugen Marx in Neuweiler was remembered. Ernest's sister Margit and his parents Martin & Frieda Kohlmann, née Marx, were deported to a concentration camp in 1941. The sister survived several Nazi concentration camps until she was liberated by the English in 1945. Ernest´s Parents were murdered as early as 1941.
Bio of Ernest Kolman:
Some high-ranking personalities from church and district were guests and gave their speeches, all with the same Tenor in sum "Never again"... . But also the descendants of Dr. Marx, specially arrived from the USA and England. Ernest Kolman 92 years old (the only nephew of Dr. Marx) and his son Timothy Kolman. He told great and amusing anecdotes of his uncle but also the inhuman part was embedded. When one hears such contemporary witnesses, the question automatically comes to "why"...but there will never be an answer to this that one can be satisfied with. It was a great and well prepared event in reasonably good weather. Also the symbolism of this event, but more important than ever especially in today's society, where anti-Semitism exclusion and xenophobia have become acceptable again.
To learn out of the past in the present, to change the future sustainably. People like the history teacher from Nagold, Gabriel Stängle, made this event possible through their commitment and thus pay tribute to the memory of the victims of Nazi socialism in our region and the brutal way they and and inhuman way in which they were excluded from society.
We should never again allow such crimes to happen in the name of humanity and society.

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