Deckname Zeisig- Dokumentation zum Treis Bruttig Tunnel

Guido Pringnitz is a hobby historian who has dedicated himself in his administrative district to the uncovering and research of this secret project. For more than 20 years now he has been researching the camp and its secrets to the present day. He has written a 440-page, informative and well-researched book on the subject, entitled "Deckname Zeisig- Dokumentation zum Treis_Bruttig Tunnel". The SS subcamp Treis Bruttig "DECKNAME A-7 "Zeisig" was one of the Top 10 secret camp projects of the Nazis in World War II. A direct satellite camp of Natzweiler and under direct control of SS Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler (armament architect) and SS Obergruppenführer and SS General Oswald Pohl (head of WVHA=SS-Wirtschaft und Verwaltungshauptamt) friend of Rudolf Höß and RFSS Heinrich Himmler. You can find out more on Guido Pringnitz's page and what the secret project "Deckname-Zeisig" is all about at this website:

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8 months ago

Information about WWII makes me so upset I can hardly stand it.
My grandpa would have probably been either killed or hurt if he'd been on the base when the Japanese bombed it out of nowhere and for no reason I've ever understood. But he was on a Family Leave because my mom had been born and he was married to my grandma. She wanted him to use that fact to avoid being sent to war after his ship was bombed & he wanted to go to war more than anyone could ever want to. It caused an argument with him and my grandma, bc she didn't want him to leave her with a 3-week old baby.
And all this pain in all these different areas; placing Jews in KZ's, soldiers dying in war, soldiers returning from combat with bad memories; and for what? So Hitler could have what he thought was his god-given right to MURDER people protected by the German military?

I'm sorry but that knowledge makes me feel angry. All these people were dying or "being changed forever" so Hitler could continue to murder people.
Rod Serling is a famous American, who wrote the Twilight Zone TV series, and he was a WWII veteran. He really had a problem with the "große Nazis" at Nuremburg whose first statements were to say "I was following orders. I was doing what I was told."
Rod Serling was so angered by that, that he included it in one of his Twillight Zone episodes of 1962. It's called 'Deaths-head Revisited.'

Hitler's murderous intention included killing his own people if he disliked something about them. My boyfriend is native German; he was born in Dresden. His family's WWII story is really painful.
I went with him to Friedhof Cemetery in Dresden, where he recognizes every Valentinstag in silent remembrance for the 2 members of his family who died as a direct result of the Dresden bombing: his dad's twin sister & mother perished in the fire started by the bombs.
Another member of his family was "verschwunden und nie wieder gesehen. Die Person war vom Polio behindert."
That explains why his statement about Hitler is this:
"Wi\r waren so ein stolzes Volk. Hitler und die scheiß Nazis hat unser Ansehen und Kultur vernichten."
But almost all of the ones who were executed said as their last words, "All for Germany. We did it for Germany."