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The Event in Heimerdingen yesterday evening, it was a great evening and event and the hall was full of interested people from the Protestant church in Heimerdingen. Mr. Häcker and Pastor Joos with the Organisation's team did a great and valuable job on this evening. The influx of visitors was enormous, what I would not have thought in this small idyllic village. The theme of the evening "Anti-Semitism in the past and today"... I tried to explain the mechanisms for the guests with pictures and documents. I think I succeeded, at least I saw some helplessness in the faces of the audience. Also the reading of the "Revisionist Letter" which I also posted here some time ago, caused incomprehension as well as discomfort in the audience. I think these are the weapons we have to use in an educated society to create "consciousness" as well as remembrance of all the victims of National Socialism and other wars. Consciously giving a voice to all those who have no more.



"well-Known forms of anti-Semitism in the past until today..."prejudices where  you look...

The religious hostility towards Jews, also known as anti-Judaism, was the main focus until the imperial era. It is rooted in the conflict with the majority religion, Christianity, and forms the foundation for modern anti-Semitism. Even today, it still works as a "model for explaining the world to the unenlightened" by upholding the assertion of the murder of God up to and including the legend of the ritual murder. Benz writes that the legacy of Christian hostility towards the Jews is passed down through generations in the resentment of "unconscious certainty". In general, anti-Judaism no longer plays a central role, i.e. Christian reservations against Jews are very rarely associated with demands for discrimination. Denomination and church affiliation have only a minor influence on anti-Semitic attitudes. Older Christians tend to this form of anti-Semitic attitude, where traditionalism and conservatism obstruct the path to religious tolerance. Social and cultural anti-Semitism emerged as other early forms of anti-Semitism.
In social anti-Semitism, Jews are seen as exploitative and unproductive "traders" and "usurers". This anti-Semitism was represented by broad circles: from the conservative part of the state apparatus to farmers and merchants.
Cultural anti-Semitism was promoted by Richard Wagner. He "unmasked" the Jews as innovators of art and culture and accused them of invading German culture and striving for supremacy. Racist/modern anti-Semitism was a pseudoscience of racial theorists and ethnic ideologues, which reached its barbaric peak in National Socialism and genocide. It is also called redemption anti-Semitism.

- Rainer and Inga, Footstepsteam.


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