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We are pleased and honoured to welcome Guido Pringnitz to the Footsteps team. He has dedicated much of his adult life to investigating and researching an SS sub-camp in his local area. He has published his findings in an excellent book that we hope will eventually be available in other languages. Learning from the past takes many routes and forms. Few of us have the opportunity or the diligence to undertake such a personal journey of intensive research that has undoubtedly involved self-sacrifice, long hours, and desire to understand and inform. We have no doubt that Guido has many qualities that will improve the work that we do. We are proud to support him and to have him join us.

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9 months ago

I think people are remiss if they leave out information abt WW2, like how Hitler & Nazis treated their own people if said people helped hide Jewish people from the ridiculous fate Hitler wanted to give to them.

9 months ago

Herzlich willkommen aus Deutschland

Gustav R., mein Freund und Vicki