Simone meets dr. Edith Eger

One day later than planned, but sometimes it takes a little while longer to find the rights words for what you actually want to say. Especially in this case where feeling transcends words.
While entering the lobby of the Figi Theater in Zeist I’m already stunned by they amount of people I see. Later I will hear that it was 500 man and women who had even travelled from as far away as Hungary and Ireland to be there.
Then it is time, the music starts playing and with a smile on her face and in her eyes Dr. Edith Eger walks up the stage in The Figi Theater, Zeist. One hand holds her daughter Audrey and the other holds Jacob van Wielink’s hand. After a loud applause filled with respect Dr. Edie takes a sit on the couch standing on the stage. She survived Auschwitz together with her sister Magda. Now she is a highly recommended psychotherapist living in San Diego and author of “ The Choice”. I brought a notebook to make notes for later, but my focus stays on the stage where dr. Edith speaks. Her narrative gives all her psychological learnings a deeper message. She talks about trauma, professional guidance and the importance to express the emotions.“ It is not what comes out that makes us ill. It is what stays in what makes you ill”, she says. Edith herself thinks is a pity she hasn’t got the time to talk more about PTSD. Which she thinks is not the right abbreviation to begin with.
Of course her own trauma comes to pass several times. It is her own scar in life which she has accepted even though it has cost her over more than 40 years. She still experiences triggers. “ This morning when I arrived and I walked across those tiny tiles some sidewalks here are made of, I was back in Auschwitz, back in that line”.
The band starts playing again, Edith Eva Eger is dancing again……
Afterwards a handful of people were allowed to get their book sighed and speak to Dr. Eger. I was one of those people. I also had a very nice chat with her daughter Audrey. Although it was just 10 minutes, it stays with me as more than special to meet a person like Edith. Humbling and life changing.

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