The boy with the flower

This is one of the most heartbreaking of images (from the Auschwitz Memorial Twitter page). A group of Hungarian Jews in Birkenau circa May 1944. The little boy is showing or giving a flower to an older child. Minutes later everyone pictured would die. Two photographs depict more vividly than any words why we must stand against the politics of hate.

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7 months ago

He (Hitler) killed his own people.
My bf (jetzt mein Verlobter) is fully German and so is his family. Someone in their family was disabled from polio and wore metal braces. He couldn't walk right after that.
"Er war verschwunden und wurde nie wieder gefunden."
They know disabled people were killed along with gays and Jews and even Catholics.
Gustav, my bf, thinks the Holocaust was about more than killing Jewish people. He thinks it was about hatred and people thinking they were so entitled that it even gave them the right to decide who lives.
I think they would have kept adding people to their growing list of whom they thought they had a right to kill. It started with Jews and by the end, it included Catholics, gays and disabled people.