Footsteps in the U.K.

It's been a busy and uplifitng few days for us. Rainer and Simon did a podcast interview in the English town of Shrewsbury; Simone, Rainer and Simon also did a BBC Radio interview (links to be shared when they are received). We joined forces with the talented, enthusiastic and wonderfully dynamic Thea Haimovitz Kabbalah who conducted the livestream interviews and gave us so much in the way of inspiration and ideas. And, to cap it all, Jessica Clark, one of the four original Footsteps team members, has rejoined us after three years of travelling and working overseas. Jess has a great knowledge of the Nazi medical experiments, a passion for history, a strong desire to promote tolerance and has many techological skills, which, in combination with Simone, will improve our options to spread our reach further. Please read her profile in the 'who we are' section of our website. We are very excited that we have turned a corner that will help us, and those who follow Footsteps, to make more of a difference.

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