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Hello to all of you,

Thank you for this wonderful summary of an exciting book about an "extraordinary" story.
The content of this book is a "hymn to life", but also to "Peace", being a warning to dangers, which can reappear, but also a call to Tolerance, to Understanding between Peoples and a guide to the Transmission of Memory.
It is for these values that we teachers must fight and follow the two beautiful examples of Ben and Rainer. These are essential to our objectives of preserving future generations from the irresponsibility of certain world leaders and the blindness of certain voters when they cast their ballots, of objectively teaching the disasters of intolerance and indifference, as in 1938/39... Yes, defending the climate is an important cause, but does it not divert us from fundamental human values.
How can we leave shipwrecked people in the middle of the Mediterranean in 2019, drive them back to other countries...?
How can we talk about men in MEN with certain leaders, claiming to be Europeans?
How can we in the former GDR in Saxony in particular be as obnoxious and intolerant as the future leaders of the Nazi regime were and let 12-year-olds express disapproval in front of parents and grandparents at the sight of young French people whose "faces betray their Maghreb origin"? This last experience has haunted me since 2016, when I wanted to share with my students the vision of life before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall and of a united and peaceful Europe...
Yes, our paths will be long to reason with recalcitrant people, deniers of all kinds... but when we see Ben and Rainer together in front of young people, who are admiring their unexpected friendship, their speech, far from hate, we can only want to help them in this beautiful and human approach.
Let's not give up, let's follow Ben and Rainer's paths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best regards to Ben and Rainer and all the recipients of this modest email.

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10 months ago

Das ist eines nettes E-mail. (That's a nice E-mail.)

My fiance is from Saxony. I've known him since 2016. I don't find anything about him "intolerant." In fact, it's because of what he did to help me last year, when I was only a guest in his house, that's why I became his Freundin in the first place.
I was almost a total stranger. I knew him mostly from online. But since he's 2 meter, 07 cms, He let us come to his house; the British guy I went to Germany with doesn't fill out at 2 meter, 07 cms. He's under 2 meters tall. Like 1,9 meters and he doesn't look like a Viking. So he had no problem with letting us come into his house. He's also a Sicherheitsbeamte (security guard) and works in law enforcement.
Anyway, we stayed with him.
I think he's the kindest most wonderful man alive. He's the youngest in a family of 6 sisters and himself.

His own people killed his grandfather's brother (his father's uncle) because he had a physical disability after surviving polio.
They made the guy disappear and he was never seen again.
He's not happy that they killed their own people and even as they stood before the gallows, most of them gave as their last words "all for Germany. We dd it for Germany." Based on the research I did, most of the 'gro├čen Nazis' went to their deaths defending what they did.
It surprised me.
I looked it up after Rod Serling, my favorite television writer (and WWII Veteran) mentioned that it's what happened "during and after the Nuremberg trials."
Rod Serling was Jewish but in 1960, when he was popular, he was careful to never mention it.