Footsteps at HEW, Toronto

Footsteps will be present at the Holocaust education week in Toronto. Nov 3-10, 2019.
The Holocaust and Now, appear to have been “torn from the headlines.” With so much social, cultural and political turmoil occurring globally, we find ourselves discussing the relationship between the Holocaust and what is happening around us today.
It is both timely and necessary for HEW to address our current zeitgeist–the rise of global antisemitism, denial, hate crimes, both online and in our own neighbourhoods, a reckoning with difficult aspects of our Canadian past; and conversely, an examination of how the legacy of the Holocaust has inspired positivity, action and change. Through panels, conversations, films, musical performances, theatre and exhibitions–HEW 2019 offers different ways for existing and new audiences to engage with the narratives of the Holocaust.
HEW 2019 continues to offer first-person testimony in the classroom and in specially designed programs for students across the GTA. Additionally, our professional development workshop for teachers and high school symposium ensure the next generation is meaningfully learning about the Holocaust through best practices, newly designed Neuberger resources, and engagement with survivor testimony and artefact study. Rainer Hoss will be one of the main speakers during this event.

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