Rainer and Simone at TEDx





A great time in Kotor at TEDx, in clear weather with pleasant temperatures on the Adriatic coast. With great TEDx guests who made you think about their contributions.

Thankyou to Milos, Boris and Jovan as the organisers of the TEDx event who made an incredible effort with their whole team to write history in Kotor, to bring the world to Kotor / Montenegro, which in my perspective was successful. To combine innovation as well as the latest history, which culminated in an incredible cocktail collection at the end.

Great conversations in a relaxed atmosphere !!! Just to name a few with whom Simone and I had very good conversations from the beginning,
Fabian, an IT specialist who now lives near Kotor, as well as Piotr (Professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow or Freddy from London whom we only called the "Influencer" (or course only fun technically).

A young man of the modern Youtube generations but also with a clear "where do I want to go", clearly goal driven !!! All in all, this team will make a difference and inspire the world Great performance and once again our respect to the team and all participants and guests for the outstanding performance and the feel-good factor in those 4 days.

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