An Auschwitz commander's grandson, Rainer Hoess is symbolically adopted by Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor in 2014. The two, with their specific experiences, are united in struggle against Neo-Nazism, antisemitism, racism and xenophobia around the globe.


The film makes Rainer Höß meet the holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor, who was 10, when she and her twin sister were in the camp, kept alive to be subject to experiments performed by the infamous doctor Mengele. She – who has been part of several documentaries – is a fantastic storyteller, when she recalls in details the time in the camp, where the twin’s parents and big sisters were killed. It is obvious that this 84 year old charismatic Romanian by origin, now living in the USA, has told her story numerous times, she has the sense for a dramaturgy that leads to her personal forgiveness towards the Nazis and their crimes.

Less convincing in that respect maybe, is Rainer Höß, whose message is clear, to the world we live in now: “Never Again!" But it is not easy to stand up against Eva Mozes Kor, who was there, who suffered and survived, and who accepts Rainer.


Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Thanks to the Morgan Freeman Team for the opportunity to present our attitude and work at the "Story of God" ... It was an incredible experience to be able to accompany this episode together with Tomas. You can see this episode in season 3 "Story of God, with Morgan Freeman". 


"Tomas Kraus' father was one of the weird survivors of Auschwitz, and Rainer Höss's grandfather was the commander of the concentration and extermination camp. These two men came together to discuss how to forgive the sins of the past and move forward. A remarkable moment "- Lori McCreary.

The Cook and the Commandant 

The documentary film tells the two life paths of Rudolf Höß and Sophie Stippel who take different paths in their search for inner stability - with profound consequences. Both know each other from their youth in Mannheim and meet again in 1942 during the Nazi regime in the Auschwitz concentration camp, on opposite sides: Sophie Stippel is imprisoned as a Jehovah's Witness, Rudolf Höß is the commander of this death factory. The film accompanies Sophie Stippel's grandson in his search for clues.

Current footage is supplemented by extensive archive material, and renowned experts classify personality traits and historical events. The reconstruction of the lives of both protagonists opens up an unusual approach to the everyday life and structures of the Nazi regime on both the perpetrator and victim sides. A central question here is timeless: What does it take to avoid extremist developments? 

Never Forget to Vote

Not if we’re brave. Dare to see our common heritage. Not if we remember all of those who silently watched last time. Everyone who helped the Nazis. Those who were forced to see their sons and daughters disappear. It’s not hopeless if we dare to do what Rainer Höss does – and remember the issues we are tempted to turn a blind eye.


If we refuse to forget, the alternative is clear. We need to vote.