The Footsteps Team is derived from the hope of building a better future for this and later generations in every part of the world. Our principles are based on the need to share the history and educate students of all ages on the horrors of the Holocaust, not only to remember and respect the victims, but to keep the voices of the silenced alive. Their stories in the hearts and minds of present and future generations are the key to a better future for all mankind.

Footsteps does not only focus on the Holocaust, but rather we work to expose the rise of hate within our communities and in every country. We expose and challenge hate and intolerance, racism, homophobia, sexism and basic human rights to help build a better future by learning from the past and educating our present.



Footsteps is not just about remembering the past, but creating a better future for ourselves and the generations to come. If we do not stand up and let our voices be heard, then History will repeat itself.  Perhaps the most confrontational aspect is that we are currently seeing many similarities with our past. Not only with the discrimination, we have known so far but also with refugees; children exposed to traumatic experiences on which racism and discrimination are partly based, but we do not seem to take a lesson from it. For example there is more and more (open) racism. The open expressions in America and European cities, and the growth of extreme right-wing groups in Europe are worrying developments. 

Footsteps Principles:  The past – the present – the future                                                                                                                              

• To remember and honour those who suffered and died during the Holocaust
• To ensure that the lessons of history are learnt not just as facts, figures, names, places and events; but as a living entity of which we, and future generations are custodians
• To strive to ensure that intolerance, hatred, and scapegoating of others, in all forms, is challenged and never accepted as being socially acceptable
• To treat others with respect, dignity, courtesy
• To avoid conflict and hostility, and aim to never deliberately or inadvertently abuse, insult, distress, or cause offence
• To refuse to accept hostile, aggressive, judgemental, prejudicial, or other language or behaviour from any who act for, or on behalf of Footsteps
• To act always in the best interests not just of Footsteps, but also of those who use the Foundation, and those who may seek it out as a source of information or discussion
• To never forget that our main aim and purpose is based on respect for those who suffered in the past, and who may be suffering now or in the future. We must always act in a manner worthy of those greater people.

Never forget. Always learn